The popularity of press on nails has sky rocketed in recent years, particularly since covid, when we were all in lockdown, and afterwards when all the salons remained closed.

Press on nails are now available everywhere, even on the high street. So what makes Moona press on nails different? Simple; unlike high street press ons, which are mass produced, made from cheap materials that bend, chip and flake, with any gems they may have dropping off even before you apply them, Moona nails are individually made using quality soft gel tips that are thinner at the cuticle end for a good fit and more natural look, and thicker towards the tip for added strength. I only use quality gel polish, including base coat, several coats of colour gel, then the top coat. All Moona press on nails are individually hand painted and decorated, which means each set is unique, and has taken thought, time, and care to produce.

What I love about Moona press on nails, is that they're an extension of your own personal style, and you can change them as often as you like without the lengthy and costly salon visits, in the comfort of your own home. Moona press on nails are reusable. Many people like to build up a collection of press ons, like jewellery, so you can wear a different style or design whenever you like.

Each of our press on sets come with a free application kit, so you'll have everything you need to apply your new Moona press on nails.

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